Regions & Routes

The Karst Corridor

The “Karst Corridor” in Bolikhamxay’s Khamkeut District hides plenty of waterfalls, caves, and rapids. Many are easy to visit by car, bike, or boat, while others take a bit of trekking and climbing to reach.

Nam Theun River Run

Thabak village, on Route 8A (about 37km west of Lakxao) sits at the Nam Thuen Bridge and presents a river port for nearby attractions, and the road to the river’s farther-flung mountains and caves.


Visit Pha Kong Mountain, 50km drive from Lakxao town, and its cave touting spectacular limestone formations. Spelunkers have explored the cavern to 580m, but have yet to reach the end.

Around ‘Lakxao’

Lakxao consists of attractions such as hot and hold springs, caves, mountain viewpoints, ethnic village visits, and a boat ride.


Hotels & restaurants

Xokbounma Hotel, Tel: +856-54-790995.
Many Xokxay Hotel, Tel: +856-20-55552333.
Paksane Hotel, Tel: +856-20-91333444.
Vilaisack Hotel, Tel: +856-54-212215.
Xaysavang Hotel, Tel: +856-54-791333.
Seng Houng Heung Hotel, Tel: +856-20-22803399.
Phonethip Hotel, Tel: +856-20-22338973.
Phouthavong Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341186.
Souliya Hotel, Tel: +856-20-55203237.
Viengthong Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341111.
Xaithong Hotel, Tel: +856-20-77790733.
Xaiyo Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341074.

Bounxou Restaurant, Tel: +856-54-680046.
Onlyone Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-22335246.
Saikhong Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-22102555.
Thongsalom Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55953063.
Khoukhanna Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55853952.
Pa phai Entertainment, Tel: +856-20-55753000.
Thepphachan Entertainment, Tel: +856-54-212303.
Xaep E Lee Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55652213.