Regions & Routes

Nature’s Backdoor

So close to Vientiane, a trip into Bolikhamxay’s ‘Bamboo Belt’ for waterfalls, limestone formations, and caves make a great addition to your time in Vientiane city.

Found Buddhas

One of the latest discoveries of Bolikhamxay were these 39 Buddha statuettes found by a local man in January 2012 under a rock in the Nam Yuang River. Housed in a small wooden shed, the statues are believed to bring good luck to the Sop Kham Village. This is an excellent way to get off the beaten path and learn more about the Lao culture.

Bombshell Fishing Boats

Follow the rough dirt road along the Nam Yuang River as it wounds between the steep mountaintops. Eventually you’ll find a calm lake created by the dam with small hilltop islands. For a unique experience with the local people, take a bombshell fishing tour in these resourceful boats crafted from bombshells.

Hotels & restaurants

Xokbounma Hotel, Tel: +856-54-790995.
Many Xokxay Hotel, Tel: +856-20-55552333.
Paksane Hotel, Tel: +856-20-91333444.
Vilaisack Hotel, Tel: +856-54-212215.
Xaysavang Hotel, Tel: +856-54-791333.
Seng Houng Heung Hotel, Tel: +856-20-22803399.
Phonethip Hotel, Tel: +856-20-22338973.
Phouthavong Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341186.
Souliya Hotel, Tel: +856-20-55203237.
Viengthong Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341111.
Xaithong Hotel, Tel: +856-20-77790733.
Xaiyo Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341074.

Bounxou Restaurant, Tel: +856-54-680046.
Onlyone Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-22335246.
Saikhong Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-22102555.
Thongsalom Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55953063.
Khoukhanna Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55853952.
Pa phai Entertainment, Tel: +856-20-55753000.
Thepphachan Entertainment, Tel: +856-54-212303.
Xaep E Lee Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55652213.