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Pha Muang Cave

Just 54 km from Pakxan Town on the Route 4B, this stunning limestone outcrop with its small cave is the center of ‘Nang Phomhome’ the famous Lao legend in Bolikhan District.


Tham Kaep (Kaep Cave)

Located in Phou Kout in Pakxan town, the Provincial Protected Area near Nong Boua Village, from Pakxan 16 km. This mysterious attraction is believed to be a sacred place for local people. Walking into a good forest then climbing quite steeply, you will arrive at a small waterfall and a variety of rock overhand, which provide a shelter for relaxing. The journey continues to the top of escarpment to see widely spectacular views.


Pha Taen Cave

The cave of Pha Taen Mountain in Nongboua Village, Pakkading District, Surrounded by rice field, there are two rocks with many caves, the most wonderful cave is in the smaller rock.



Pha Muang Houng Mountain and Buddha Cave

This is the sacred place for people of Pha Muang Houng Village, there are more than 20 small Buddha images and many others believed to be hidden in the cave; most images are made of many kinds of flower and gelatine from buffalo and cow, the age they were made is still unknown, but local people believed that they were taken and hidden in this cave before 1940s. 50Km from Khamkeuth District.


Pha Kong Mountain and the Cave

Located in Khamkeuth District near Pha Muang Houng mountain, this big cave is 580 meters long, but hardly to get to the end, decorated with beautiful stalactites.


Hospital Cave

Located in Kuanchan Villlage, 20Km from Khamkeuth District, used to be the hospital in Lao Revolution period 1970s.


Dragon Cave

The cave located along the Route 8A in Poung Village, is reminiscent of a huge dome with wonderfully formed by stalactite, 13Km from Khamkeuth District.

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