Welcome to Bolikhamxay province

Located just south of Vientiane, Bolikhamxay is a haven for ecotourism. Enjoy spectacular waterfalls in pristine nature or trek alongside rapids to a calm swimming hole, natural waterslide, and boat ride. Take a journey through the majestic limestone karsts and extensive caves of the “Karst Corridor”. Learn about local legends as you marvel at the mysterious Naga fireballs or search for elephants.


Tourism Department

Bolikhamxay Province covers around 15,000 sq km in central Laos, and is bordered by Vientiane Province to the west, Xieng Khouang to the north, and Khammouane to the south...

Bolikhamxay Province

Bolikhamxay Province, located just south of Vientiane in central Laos, is a center for ecotourism activities with its two national protected areas and extensive system of wetlands...

Hotels & restaurants

Xokbounma Hotel, Tel: +856-54-790995.
Many Xokxay Hotel, Tel: +856-20-55552333.
Paksane Hotel, Tel: +856-20-91333444.
Vilaisack Hotel, Tel: +856-54-212215.
Xaysavang Hotel, Tel: +856-54-791333.
Seng Houng Heung Hotel, Tel: +856-20-22803399.
Phonethip Hotel, Tel: +856-20-22338973.
Phouthavong Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341186.
Souliya Hotel, Tel: +856-20-55203237.
Viengthong Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341111.
Xaithong Hotel, Tel: +856-20-77790733.
Xaiyo Hotel, Tel: +856-54-341074.

Bounxou Restaurant, Tel: +856-54-680046.
Onlyone Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-22335246.
Saikhong Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-22102555.
Thongsalom Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55953063.
Khoukhanna Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55853952.
Pa phai Entertainment, Tel: +856-20-55753000.
Thepphachan Entertainment, Tel: +856-54-212303.
Xaep E Lee Restaurant, Tel: +856-20-55652213.